Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cool Happenin's....

Where to start, oh, where to start.. This has actually been a pretty cool weekend.

Reasons why, in no particular order:
  • Potatey slept through the entire night last night. Yes. He. Slept. Through. The. Entire. Night. He woke up once at 9.30 pm to go potty, then conked back out and not a peep out of him until sometime after 6.30 am this morning. No waking up 3 or 4 times between 1 am and 4 am, no nightmares, no night terrors. Nothing. Nada. Niente (not telling yet what this may be due to.. don't want to jinx myself.. but no, it wasn't the melatonin).
  • Having my two little men make me breakfast this morning. Yes. They. Made. ME. Breakfast. Potatey made me fresh grapes, poured me orange juice and got me cereal and yogurt. He knew exactly where to go for these items and what to do. Salamander made me scrambled eggs.. fancy scrambled eggs that is.. with slices of ham and slivers of chicken. And he only needed minimal help/supervision at the stove.
    I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH BOTH OF THEM (of course they've seen me cook a million (trillion?) times.. and apparently things DO register.. And now I have myself two helper cooks!! HAHAHA).
  • Getting a wonderfully happy/excited email from a dear friend who has her two boys on the same protocol as my two are following. She started her older one (who is/was affected by autism) about 2 -3 months before I started with Salamander. Her guy is doing so well.. she's moving on the end phase of the program.. and I am so incredible happy for her (well done, K. G., and I am so happy for B. I so hope that by the time B is Salamander's age, this whole venture can be 'just memories' for ya).
  • Getting an enormous stack of Mother's Day's cards and drawings handmade by my two boys. So much love and caring was put in each of them. And the cards are so beautiful (I put up a selection throughout of this post).
  • Getting a wonderful Mother's Day eCard from a very dear friend (yes, I'm talking about you C. G) - the sentiments expressed on the card made me laugh and cry at the same time. Right back at ya, gal, right back at ya.
  • Having payments for my April invoices starting to come in. I paid my mortgage, my gas bill, my electricity bill, my water bill, my phone bills, my cable/internet bill, several loooooong overdue medical bills, and my business AMEX card. I will now be able to pay for several of Salamander's summer camps and I will have money for an aide for him for one of those camps. And I will not have to worry about grocery money for this month (and as May will be a good month as well, I may not have to worry about money again until end of June).
  • Having Salamander come up with a really cool idea for a fundraiser for a subject that is near and dear to both our hearts; the Gottschall Autism Center. More on that will go up as things become more solid. Let's just say that Salamander's idea is really forcing ME out of my comfort zone - and that is only fair, as I make HIM get out of HIS all the time.
  • Having a chance to actually call my mom, wish her a Happy Mother's Day, and just chat for a while. She even got Happy Mother's Day wishes and several "I love you's" from her grandsons.
  • Watching both my monkeys run amok around the house for most of today.. It was a really nice day out here.. They were both in a decent space.. so they were actually able to play together without murder and hayhem (which allowed ME to have a, reasonably, uninterrupted conversation with my mom, AND plant some flowers..).
  • Having both boys in bed and asleep by 8.30 pm.. pooped from all the running around.. allowing ME to write this blog post.. while listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Girls in Their Summer Clothes'...

Right now, this minute, life is good. And tomorrow brings what tomorrow brings...

(do keep Salamander in your thoughts.. he continues to struggle with seasonal allergies [sinus infection is gone, gone, gone.. TG] and Math MCAS is starting tomorrow..)


At 8:07 AM, May 12, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Happy belated Mother's Day Petra! Your post is beautiful. I'm so happy to hear you were able to get some rest and that the kids are doing so well, minus the allergy thing, which seems to be a problem across the board. If you figure anything out for the allergies, please do share!

:-) Jeanne

At 9:18 AM, May 12, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jeanne, and thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, those environmental allergies are BAAAAAD this season. I am going to try Zyrtec with Salamander.. all the naturals are just not cutting it - he DID not look good this morning. If the Zyrtec doesn't do it, I may need to try Singulair.

Off for my 2 mile walk/run (has to do with that fundraiser I eluded to earlier).


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