Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Cool Thing..

that happened today...

Salamander is not a big fan of silly rhymes or non-sensical words.. It's part of his wiring; things are black or white. He's learning about grey, is getting more comfortable and proficient in identifying grey. But actively applying grey and extending that to rhymes or words? Not so much.

Until today that is. As part of the phonemic awareness drills, a lot of nonsense words are introduced. It's all part of pattern recognition and 'brain' training. Salamander struggled at first (he's a picture thinker; there are no pictures for nonsense words..), but definitely got more proficient as the week progressed.

On the drive back to school today, he started this game where I needed to give him random words (nouns, adjectives) to insert into a story he was making up. Of course I pick whatever words are coming up in my head. And Salamander is taking the words and putting them in his story.

We ended up with an absolutely hilarious and non-sensical story; we laughed ourselves tears (I almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard..). And not once did Salamander get upset with me for picking words that resulted in something that "does not make sense, mom."

[he wrote the story down and took it with him to school. I'll post it as soon as I get my hands on it]

My child is discovering the joys of "playing with words"....

Here's the story.. Warning, it's not entirely PC...

What To Do When You Have a Cold
You can always tell when you're getting a cold because your nose will feel stuffy and you will have a shoe ache..The first thing to do is to take a couple of hiccups. Then get into your car and rest, and drink plenty of soda. Sometimes it's fun being sick. Food is brought to you on an elephant so you can eat and watch TV, and your temperature is taken by putting a lollipop in your buttocks [this is the part where I almost ran off the road..LOL].
If your temperature goes over 1,000 degrees, a doctor should be called. He will thump you on the pillow and say "Pee!" [hey, the author is an almost 11 year old male]. Then he will ask you what animal you ate the night before and x-ray your stomach. Finally you will give you disgusting advise on how to get well. If you do just what he says, you'll feel worse in no time at all.


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LOL! Just like the old AdLibs! I love it! ;) A lollipop in your buttocks... LOL


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