Thursday, January 15, 2009

All In A..

(give or take a few hours) 24 hour period....

Did you know that elaborate and decent size Lego structures can really inflict injuries when they fall off the table and hit you square across the knuckles and mid part of your hand? Yup.. I was attacked by one of the boys' Lego structures yesterday - two split knuckles, a gash and lots of internal bruising of the tendons. My hand looks like I tried to deck somebody (wishful thinking.. LOL).

It hurts like hell. I use my hands ALL THE TIME. I am right handed. I drive a car with a stick shift. Guess which hand is busted up? Yup... (so I do apologize for any and all typing errors.. I am not as quick on the keyboard as I typically am).

Salamander thinks my hand looks cool ('looks like you are a good fighter, mom'.. Uhm.. OK...). Potatey is just totally freaked out.

Two additional work projects landed in my lap yesterday. Just like that. Separate from the two leads I am actively pursuing (still trying to finish up that one project.. of course with my typing speed down....). Funny how this business goes - feast or famine. And as I'm been 'starvin' for a bit (with unexpected and undesired expenses cropping up everywhere), it's good to have some 'feastin' up ahead.

The dental hygienist and school nurse at Salamander's school have been at it the past few days. Lots of talking about the wonders and necessity of vaccines (did you know that apparently a vaccine against cavities is in the works/available? Couldn't get complete clarity on the status of this one out of Salamander. But really - how about just cutting out the majority of all the sugary and cornstarch based crap out of your kids' diet? Will do wonders in reducing cavities...). Salamander, being the still somewhat literal minded person that he is, and combine that with a very strong sense of 'you have to follow the rules' came home all worried and upset.

"But mom, the nurse said that I had to have vaccine X."

"OK, honey, did she specifically say that you, Salamander, need to have this vaccine or was it a general statement to the class."

"A general statement to the class, mom, after she asked if we could raise our hand if we had had vaccine X. And then because me and some of my friends didn't raise our hands, she told us that we needed it."

"OK babe. Next time a situation like this happens, you smile very politely and say "Thank you for the information. I'll talk with my mom about it." And then you and I will talk about it, as we are talking now."

"However, if she ever starts asking YOU specific questions as to which vaccines you have had, and which you haven't and why not, then you reply to the school nurse that this is 'private' information and that she should call me, your mom."

"OK mom"

Oy - it's flu season and all, and kids in school have been dropping like flies with the pukeys, head colds, the flu and what not, so I am not surprised that as part of health classes there is a push for vaccines as 'the miracle prevention against illnesses'. That whole stance of course is annoying as heck, but ah well....

Salamander and I had another, very interesting conversation in the car earlier that day (we definitely do our best talking in the car) - I'll try to write it up later.
He continues to be a bit on the short side compared to his class mates (I know he'll catch up), so this one boy (a very LARGE boy, if you get my drift) has been calling him 'shorty' (which really hurts Salamander's feelings).
Salamander has been replying in kind with 'Hey fatty', which of course has gotten Salamander into trouble, as the boy goes to complain to the teachers. And even though Salamander is trying to explain that for him 'shorty' is as much of an insult as 'fatty', the teachers haven't been looking at it that way.
So I've been coaching Salamander to reply to this boy, the next time he says 'Hey shorty', with "Hey brown eyes", or "Hey black hair." Or "Hey orange shirt." To try and break the negative response cycle. And if the boy decides that "Hey black hair" is an insult and goes to complain to the teachers, well, they should then be giving him the same response as they have been giving Salamander on the "shorty" comment.
The conversation grew from there, and I don't have time to write it all up now.. It was a very interesting one and definitely a great opportunity to teach a larger 'live lesson'...

Well, I got to save SOME strength and endurance in my right hand for work related keyboarding.. Catch ya all later...


At 11:56 AM, January 15, 2009 , Blogger K Fuller said...

Someone trying to get medical info out of kids at school is so against the new HIPA law! Shame on them.
I heard a report yesterday that the formula for this years miracle influenza shot is wrong again. But we should get it anyway?????? Maybe they are hoping it will be addictive and we will all be in the street buying it?
I don't envy how you have to balance how you tell your son to answer personal questions.

At 9:41 AM, January 16, 2009 , Blogger CharlieInWonderlandDotCom said...

Petra, these conversations with Salamander are a prime example of why you ROCK! :-) Thanks for sharing this with us, I love seeing how you and the boys interact. It's awesome!

At 10:06 AM, January 16, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

K - Yeah, I was thinking about that too. After alll, HIPPA was implemented for a reason. Guess it's the good ole' if we can't get em through the front door, we'll get em through the back door.
Flu shots are the biggest joke (although no pun intended) - they are easy money makers as everybody these days is scared to death of getting the flu. But the formula is never quite right (I can picture Momma Nature laughing her ass off every single year).

CharlieInWonderland - thank you for saying that. And then this goes back to K's comment as well - it's my job as a parent to teach both my kids to navigate the murky waters of 'Where do you draw the line when an authority figure asks questions.' And it's interesting to see the difference between my boys when it comes to situations like this. Potatey innately kinda sorta knows when questions start crossing the line. He will talk with me about situations like these, he will confirm that what he is thinking is the right way to go. But he 'knows' and all I need to do is re-enforce and sometimes re-direct a little. Salamander needs much more explicit coaching and explanations (and for the more tricky situations he definitely needs to have a script book to draw his responses from). But the neat thing is that he is starting to develop a sense for what's appropriate and what isn't. And he is starting to apply on his own.

I really need to write up the other conversation he and I had - around the 'Hey Shorty.', 'Hey Fatty', thing...


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