Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doing The Zithromax Mambo...

It's been almost 2 years since Salamander needed antibiotics of any sort. But the poor guy has been miserable these past 4 weeks, and his congestion (I posted about this before) is just NOT clearing up. His headaches are getting worse and worse, and from what he's able to explain/show me, the location of the headaches/pressure is consistent with sinus pressure; poor kiddo probably has had more Motrin over the past month than he's had in the 12 - 15 months prior.

So something is just not right.. I know allergies are part of it, as is detox, but I need to get this stubborn congestion to clear out - and as all signs are there that the congestion has turned into a sinus infection, I really don't have much of a choice at this point.

So I started him on Zithromax tonite.. I've had good experiences with Zithromax before in dealing with sinus/upper respiratory infections. Yes, it's a heavier gun.. but I rather use a heavier gun right now and get things cleared out, then having to work my way through the Antibiotics Alphabet again (you know the song, Amoxicillin, Augmentum (sp?), Bactrim, etc - I used to know the little ditty by heart - I think I had worked my way through the entire Antibiotics Alphabet TWICE by the time Salamander was 30 months old).

Of course, the Zithromax will create die-off (as it won't just 'knock off' bad critters in his sinus cavities), so I'll increase the charcoal and I'll also increase the supplements he's on to support aluminum detox (plus of course tons and tons of probiotics..)

We'll be in for a few more days of 'fun and games' I'm sure.. but I should know by Thursday night latest if the Zithromax is helping..

[I did have a freak-out moment this morning.. in addition to the headaches, Salamander started complaining of double vision this morning....so I have a full vision check-up scheduled at his behavioral optometrist for Thursday afternoon. And if, between the Zithromax and the vision check-up, we can't get the headaches/double vision thing figured out, then I guess a visit to a pediatric neurologist will be next...We'll cross THAT bridge when we get there]


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