Tuesday, May 13, 2008


[I tried to embed the actual video clip, but ran into technical difficulties. So instead I am going to link to my friend Kim's blog, where the clip is running just fine.. Oh, and the video is up at Wade Rankin's blog as well]

Call me cynical.. while I am absolutely THRILLED to hear all of this come out of the mouth of a public health 'official', I am a bit leary of this particular one....

See, I've heard this particular song before.. just go back in time about 7 or 8 years or so and replace "vaccines: with "contaminated", "autism" with "blood supply", and "we need scientific studies" with "the ARC's blood collection program needs significant reform". And despite the "passion, dedication and putting oneself out there" displayed then, things went absolutely NOWHERE.

I just hope that other public health officials will adopt the very reasonable, well articulated message spoken yesterday by Dr. Healy. Because otherwise, once again, I fear things will go nowhere...

You'll have to forgive this cynical biotch. I'm NOT ready to jump on the "Dr. Healy will finally get our message heard" bandwagon just yet..


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