Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spend An Enjoyable Hour Or So..

Browsing through this lady's blog [yes, yes, time I dind't exactly have laying around.. ah well]

I like This Mom, I like This Mom a lot!!!

I have many, many reasons, after reading several of her blog posts, for liking her and feeling like I found a kindred spirit.

I'll mention two:

  • a blog post where she describes what it is like to be a "married single" (parent). Oh boy, did THAT one resonate/hit home.
  • her blog post titled Good Mommies, Strong Mommies.. I tend to cycle between the two types (if that is even possible). I am much more Strong Mommy than Good Mommy with Potatey. Salamander definitely needs much more of a Good Mommy approach - in almost everything he goes through, finding the WHY is essential (and 95% of the solution).

More thoughts on all of this when I have more time..


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