Saturday, September 27, 2008

Will Be Back on Monday-ish..

Not because I don't have anything to write about.. I do.. my visitors are providing plentiful memorable and juicy source materials..

But none of resulting writing I would be able to put up here.

I'm only gonna write this: Arrogant, Self-righteous, Cluelessness. That should give you -some- sense of the atmosphere here (which is so different from the usual atmosphere).

And for the next few days I need to focus on protecting my boys (especially Salamander) from that (and not blow several gaskets in the process..)

I'll be back...

And then some things are just *too good* to not share (BIG FAT sarcasm alert)

Finding out that Salamander continues to get Skittles after each archery practice (hmm, now that certainly DOES explain why we continue to have bloated belly issues and letter reversals in writing now, doesn't it).

Finding out that somebody thinks it's perfectly fine to heat up the boyos' left-over Thai food IN THEIR STYROFOAM CONTAINERS IN THE MICROWAVE.

Coming to the realization that, while certain people DO love my two boys dearly, they don't particularly like actually spending time WITH them. None of the parties involved particularly LIKE kids period; and most definitely not the actual 24/7/365 work, the fatigue, the hassle, the altered life, the kids' needs always taking precedent...
And it makes me sad, and it makes me mad; these two boys of mine are so incredibly awesome, they have so much to offer, and they are both so incredibly brave considering the obstacles they've overcome and, especially Salamander is working so incredibly hard to overcome his remaining challenges.

And certain people are completely and utterly *blind* to that, as the boys', and especially Salamander's, accomplishments don't fit with their definition of what an accomplishment should look like.

Their loss really...


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