Friday, September 26, 2008

So NOT Good...

One of many articles published around the school situation in my town. Salamander's school is one of the schools mentioned.

I don't know what to think.. while I now have the legal right to move him out of his school into another school, doing that just doesn't make sense to me... We're in the beginning of 5th grade, and his team members have known him and worked with him since he was 5 years old. So moving him, in such a critical school year, getting a whole new set of people familiar with his challenges and what *makes him tick* brings with it so many many challenges.

Has he made as much progress as he should have? Nope. Is he at grade level? Nope.

But maybe I can turn this situation into win for Salamander, along the line of "We'll stay at the current school under the following condition: Salamander will now get X, Y and Z to get him to grade level, and to get him ready for Middle School."

I have to take some time to think all of this through (I do not yet have Salamander's 4th grade MCAS scores...). It's a good thing that his annual IEP review meeting was just pushed out with another few weeks...


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