Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, the Sweet Taste of Revenge...

So I absolute adore one of my neighbors.. but I cannot stand the sight of the other set (I was never that keen on them to begin with, but those feelings took on a whole other level after they told me, shortly after Salamander was diagnosed, that Salamander could no longer play with their precious son... who now, by the way, is the absolute terror of his 2nd grade class...).

This whole past summer, every single Thursday, Friday and Saturday nite, this set of neighbors has been throwing loud parties that last until deep in the night. And of course my kids sleep on the side of the house closest to their backyard.. So yes, getting them to go to sleep (and they both NEED their sleep) has been less than easy on more than one occasion.

Now these neighbors are sports crazies and they like to watch *their* games (Red Sox, Patriots, whatever) on their second floor balcony (yes, they have a big a$$ flat screen TV out on that second floor balcony.. it truly is pathetic).. which looks out over my backyard. They were attempting to watch a game at around 4.10 pm this afternoon, which happens to be the time that I had 5 crazy wild yelling hooting and hollering kids running around in my backyard. So needless to say, the neighbors could NOT follow their game because of the noise level in my backyard.

I got several dirty looks tossed at me from that second floor balcony.. and do you think that for one second the thought even crossed my mind to ask the kids to *pipe down* a bit????


If anything I added a little *oil to the fire* by suggesting even LOUDER games...

HA!! Karma's a biotch...


At 5:34 PM, September 22, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

I love it. Perfect! :-)


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