Sunday, September 21, 2008

So NOT Cool...

Telling me that you'll *do stuff* with the kids, and then bringing them over to somebody else's house (as that somebody else's kids happened to be playing outside) and then LEAVING the kids at that somebody else's house (who then contacts ME to ask to come pick the kids up), so YOU can go back to whatever it is you WANT to be doing...

Getting an announcement in the mail that our town's current recycling program is changing, and that, instead of being able to use my current recycle bins (I have 7 large bins packed to the brim every 2 weeks with any and all things that can be recycled.. we take recycling VERY SERIOUS in this house), I'll have to cram all my recyclables inside a 96 gallon cart. All to allow for *automated pick-up* of the recyclables. Now I understand that it's a dirty smelly hot and exhausting job to have to pop in and out of the darn recycle truck at every house. So fine.. give me TWO 96 gallon carts, and I'll help get the two carts on the darn truck.
Nope - one per household. So what's more important? Convenient pick-up or recycling as much as possible? I'm going to have to cut down even more on buying anything with *disposable* packaging...



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