Monday, September 15, 2008

Fu-ull Mooooon...

Ay ay ay ay.... full moon tonite indeed.. the boys are KOOKY!!!!

More later.. crazy busy day out here... managed to get updates on both boys up on Dr. Yasko's parent board and have also been going over Salamander's supplement spreadsheet to figure out where to go next, what supplement to add next....

And now my brain hurts ....

(I'll figure it out though.. I always do..)

I'm just going to add to this post, as I am too fried to start a new one:

Words for today

Salamander super nasty BM at waking.

Salamander space ranger - lots of stimming at breakfast.

Potatey projectile vomiting (he's fine.. just a supplement capsule that went down the wrong *pipe*, but of course it happened 1 minute before the bus was to arrive...LOL).

Cleaning up my disaster zone house.

Three loads of nasty laundry.

Spending a lot of money on additional testing for Salamander.

Estimated tax payments.

Hounding the boys' dad for information for the 2007 (!!) tax returns (still don't have what I need.. GRRRR)

Writing updates for the boys for Dr. Yasko's parent board.

Cooking another batch of ketchup.

Making turkey/beef meatballs (in the oven this time).

Updating Salamander's supplement spreadsheet.

Two kooky kids bouncing off the bus (they were/are WIRED.. bouncing off the walls.. Salamander seemed more alert.... belly is a bit bloated again though, as is his face)

Figuring out what supplements to tweak/add next for Salamander.

Cooking dinner while two kooky boys are playing tag around my feet and all over the kitchen (yup, a few toes got crunched ..).

Me tossing the boys outside in the backyard for a bit to expand some of that energy (that's what our new playset has a climbing wall for.. LOL)

Making a start on sorting the boys year to date medical expenses, so I can start filing against their dad's flexible spending plan.
Both boys home from school tomorrow (staff has professional development day), so hopefully they will BOTH sleep in a bit (as Potatey's sleeping hasn't been too good the past several nites).
Signing off to clean up my very messy kitchen and to drag my tired a$$ to bed.


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