Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Words..

Salamander having a great time during his first archery lesson.

His dad letting him eat a snack size bag of skittles as a reward - so NOT awesome.

Grocery shopping with just Potatey, and watching smiles bloom on other peoples' faces.

Taking the boys' to the movies to see "Fly Me to the Moon" in 3-D.

Watching them ride the escalators three times BEFORE going into the movie theater to buy our tickets.

Salamander taking charge and presenting our tickets to the ticket clerk, finding the room our movie would be playing in (we went to one of those movie megaplexes), and guiding me and Potatey to our seats.

All three of us getting a pounding headache from the 3-D glasses (we all have eye teaming issues).

Watching the boys ride the escalators two MORE times before getting in the car to go home.

Both boys dozing off during the car ride home.

Seeing Salamander's belly bloating return (skittles?) and him having a very NASTY BM.

Seeing Salamander's "brightness" from the past several days get dull(er) again.

Having the breath squeezed out of me reading Michelle O'Neil's Unconditional Love post.

Making an awesome (per Salamander) beef and vegetable stew (recipe posted).

Two anxious boys that were up frequently last nite and had trouble sleeping (don't ask me why.. I don't know ..).

Two boys waking up edgy and mean this morning (lack of sleep? imminent full moon? wet, sticky and gloomy weather?), and staying edgy and mean for a good part of the day.

Noticing this morning that Salamander's thyroid is swollen and that his face is puffy.

Having him drink lots of Penta water and seeing the puffiness diminish (but it's still there a bit); belly is a bit bloated too, and he has not had a decent bowel movement today).

Accidental BBQ sauce (recipe will be posted)

Potatey cycling between mean moody and super anxious.

Taking the boys to the store to go Halloween decoration shopping (we had a blast; and Salamander's sense of humor is now very age appropriate - potty humor goes over really well.. LOL).

Filling up the boys' supplement boxes for the week while they watch a movie.

Making a baked apple dish (yum, yum according to Salamander) and Tasty Chicken Tenders (recipes posted).

Me getting an IBS flare immediately after dinner.

Both boys so tired that they pretty much fell asleep in front of the TV. Potatey is in bed now (please, let him sleep tonite) and Salamander is soon to follow.

Me needing to post a couple of recipes and needing to compose an update post for Dr. Yasko's parent board (as I need feedback on where to go next for Salamander; there is no doubt that, right now, his mental clarity, focus and overall functioning are directly related to the state of his intestines).


At 12:09 AM, September 15, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me... have you not been doing this long enough for a certain someone to know better than to give his child a bag of artificial colors, flavors and sugars? What is up with that?? How long do you think Salamander will be affected by the candy? One last question, did the guilty party survive the weekend? ;-)

At 8:40 AM, September 15, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

I don't know how long Salamander will be affected.. he's grown so much, we have hormonal changes in play, and it's been so long since he's been exposed to that much crap in one go, and his gut/biochemistry is NOT stable. So all bets are off.

Going from past overexposures (several years back), the black/blue eye circles (which were there this morning) and the zonked out, stoned, no auditory processing behaviors (which were there this morning too) can take about a week to clear out. I can expect aggrevations in his LD stuff, e.g., the letter refersals in writing, trouble reading, not being able to access basic math skills, for up to 3 weeks.


The *good* news? Salamander did a HUGE, super nasty BM this morning (a *paint peeler* sulphur bomb). So he is starting to clear out again. And also, Salamander now realizes that there is a reason, beyond me just being a total anal retentive control freak (not what Salamander thinks, but the opinion of a certain someone whispered in Salamander's ear), why I don't want him to eat crap (so in line with teaching Salamander responsibility for his own actions/diet etc...).

As to a certain someone knowing better.. well, knowing better requires that you believe that this stuff has an effect, and that you believe that Salamander's progress to date is due to more than 'the kid just growing up', and it also requires being able to say NO (as opposed to wanting to be seen as the *fun guy*).

For full disclosure - I DO allow Salamander some skittles (as in 5 or 6 at a time). BUT ONLY on special occassions (halloween, end of year school parties, etc), and ONLY when his gut/biochemistry is stable, and NEVER a whole d@mn bag in one go.

Guilty party went scarce the moment Salamander told me about the *skittles reward* (which was within 10 seconds of coming home after archery).. of course.. and probably a good thing...

At 9:19 AM, September 15, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

:D Someone knew when to hide under their rock in order to keep from being skinned alive! LOL

I hope Salamander gets through this quickly.

Have you ever noticed whenever our kids get going on a good streak, something pops up and derails them??
WHY is that? Why can't we just have good streak after good streak for a little while before everything blows up?

:-) Have a great day!


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