Thursday, September 11, 2008


I stopped by at Potatey's school earlier this afternoon to drop off his art supplies and a few snack packs (in case of emergency...LOL).

And all staff I bumped into commented on how well he's adjusting, how much fun he seems to be having, and how quickly he seems to master new things and routines. One staff member commented that Potatey *doesn't seem to lack for confidence.*

Bwahahahahahaha.. if what is meant is that Potatey meets life's challenges head on and grabs it by the horns (and if that doesn't work he kicks it in the b@lls or bites it in the a$$), then yes, they are absolutely right.

And I absolutely ADORE that part of his personality (and will do whatever is needed to make make sure he never EVER feels the need to dampen or temper that part).

And not for a moment do I take the fact that he is who he is and that he's doing so well for granted. It could have so easily gone a very different way.....

Potatey is a true gift (his actual name means Gift from God)... and, at those rare moments that I have a chance to step back and just watch him..... there are no words to express what a privilege it is to *share air* with him .....


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