Friday, September 05, 2008

Cinco the Linco Day

on lend4health!!!!!!!

Wishing I had time right now to craft a beautifully worded inspiring post that will make you all en masse run over to lend4health and contribute $5 towards an outstanding loan. But alas, I only have about 15 minutes as my printer is spitting out a next draft for a document that I need to have final by 5 pm today (type fast, momma, type fast...)

So, please pop over to Jeanne's to read her Cinco de Linco announcement, and then please, please pay a visit to lend4health and donate? Pretty please??? I think you can identify your loan as a Cinco de Linco loan in the additional instructions box in the PayPal screen (but don't throw tomatoes at me if this info is incorrect.. I'm going at warp speed and from memory.... Danger, Danger).

And a call to all visitors that pop in from Dr. Amy's parent board. There are two little brothers on the lend4health site that are attempting to get funding to get their genomics done. There is almost enough money collected for testing for one kiddo - in fact, we're only $120 (NOW $100)away from what's needed for one kiddo (that's 24 (NOW 20) $5 loans...). I know that it would be a real moral boost to these guys' mom and dad if we could close that gap (and after that we'll start working on the second kiddo). Remember, these are LOANS, not donations. THANKS SO MUCH!!!


At 9:26 PM, September 05, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Thanks! :-)


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