Sunday, August 31, 2008

*Adventures* For Today

Carpenter Ants (in the garage, NOT the house.. TG)

Salamander this am "My belly feels really good, mom"

Perpetual Invasion of young people in all shapes and sizes (and I'm lovin' it)

Spontaneous Bicycle Wash

Walk to local Indian Bazaar

Salamander cracks his head on the side walk (he's OK.. he WILL have a black eye)

Boys playing with Pug (it's a dog breed)

*Somebody* having made a promise to Salamander that he could get a dog too

Momma *Bad Guy* for nixing dog promise

Pug owner coming to rescue and asking boys if they want to be dog walkers

Potatey locking us out of the house

Completion of school supply shopping (except for disinfecting wipes...)

Getting a very interesting email from the Feingold Association (and that's all I can say for now)

Lots of cooking (Shepard's pie ; turkey/beef meatballs, steak tips, baked chicken)

Potatey's Yeast Poop Extra-ordinaire

Two tired boys falling asleep easily

Paying lots of bills

Finding several medical expense reimbursement checks buried in between bills

Tired and very hungry (haven't eaten since 11 am this morning), and still need to get paying work done


At 11:49 AM, September 01, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Whew! Full day! :-) Sounds like the boys had a ton of fun though.

And let me just say, I am so jealous you have an Indian Bazaar within walking distance.

Years ago, before Charlie was born, I would visit Atlanta a lot. We always ended up in Little 5 Points, where they have/had and African Bazaar. I still remember the smells and sounds, I was very happy there.

The necklace I wear every day was purchased during my last visit to the bazaar (9 years ago).

Wow, you really triggered a special memory for me.. thanks for that!


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