Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Ballsy...

[or would it be that I am getting *ovarian*???? Bwahahahaha]

Added at 11.40 am:
Upping the ante...I just donated to the fundraising pages of two of my friends, one to benefit the Community Autism Resources group here in MA, and other one to benefit the Doug Flutie Foundation. And I am going to match what I donated and contribute that toward the open loan requests on lend4health.

No, despite what you may think, I am not independently wealthy. In fact, just like all of you there are times that I do not know how I'm going to pay for my next batch of groceries, the boys' supplements, their tests, my utility bills, my mortgage, gas for my car, etc etc etc.
BUT so far I've been able to make things work, and because of that my boys have been getting (and will continue to get) the treatments they need. Resulting in both of them have a very good shot at a happy and fullfilling life.

What I cannot, what I will not do, is stand at the side line and not do what I can to offer that exact same opportunity to other families. So yes, these donations and contributions will result in *personal financial pain*. But as they say, sometimes doing the right thing hurts...

I haven't had much of a chance to keep up with the lend4health blog as of late... been a tad pre-occupied with my own sh#t. I did what I could to support the Lincoln Loan Days (and if you contributed, my sincere thanks), but I really wasn't able to add a whole lot of substance.

So I checked in on the blog, as I had a few moments while my printer is spitting out the next draft of a document I am working on, and up pops this gem by Tori:

"Never Underestimate the Generosity of a Stranger

My hubbie and I bought a new couch and were trying to get rid of the old one. It was a sofabed -- over $1,000 when we bought it. I tried to sell it on Craig's List. Lots of interest, no takers. I tried to Freecycle it. Again, interest but no takers. So I tried the Free section on Craig's List. Tons of interest, tons of people lined up. Nobody actually took it. Then a guy named Kelvin came into my life (well, kind of, I've never met him). He wanted the couch. He had a truck. He had burly buddies to haul it. On a rainy Friday, he came and got the couch (which was outside in the rain with tarps over it). I later emailed him to thank him for taking it and to make sure it wasn't too wet from the rain. He replied that it was great.

So then I got a little ballsy. I wrote him back and said, "I know the couch was free, but if you want to "pay" for it, go to Lend4Health and make a loan for a child who needs help." I pushed SEND and was sure the mystery man Kelvin would be sitting on his new couch laughing at my naivite. But whaddaya know? Five minutes later, in comes a $5 loan for Adam.

So if you are a skeptic. If you are a cynic. If the world has shat on you a few too many times. Just check out this site and see what's going on. It's really powerful stuff."

So here's MY challenge, to newcomers and frequent visitors, strangers and old friends - please take a moment to pop over the lend4health blog and read the stories posted there....



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