Saturday, August 30, 2008

Started Reading

Why Can't My Child Behave

This is one AWESOME book... I am familiar with the Feingold diet principles (have used many for many years now), but the materials that are out there until now were not that easy to read. This book changes all that.

I so want to get more copies to give to the school nurses at the boys' schools. I want to get a copy for my sister (mom/sis, are you reading this? I'm sure you'll recognize many of the issues described - I am adding a link to an article in German in which a mom of three adopted sibs with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome describes the effect of dietary changes on her, previously, unmanageable brood;, I want to get copies for the parents of my boys' cousins on their father's side, and I am so going to lend my copy to the neighbor I mentioned in an earlier post.

Heck, reading this book is becoming a great refresher for ME!! I am realizing I am allowing too many apples/apple products in the boys' diets (they both definitely have salicylate issues) - time to start replacing those with pear products.


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