Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Think Parents of *Normal* Kids...

are the weird ones..

Oh, the stuff they worry about (based on questions asked earlier tonite during the parent orientation session at Potatey's school).

A few examples:
Why does the before school program only starts at 8 am? Is there any place I can drop my kid off by 7 am?

We don't have time for breakfast at home. Can the kids buy breakfast at school?

My little J wants to be in the same classroom as her friend K. Can we switch?

Can I pick my child's teacher?

My little R only eats pizza for lunch. But on the school menu you only serve pizza once a week. Can my little R have pizza every day?

I couldn't help but shake my head. I ended up stepping out during the Q&A session to meet with the school nurse to start discussions around Potatey's medical challenges. I had a wonderful chat with the school nurse and she asked me on the spot to become a room mother for Potatey's class (as we got talking about sourcing safe supplies for class room projects). And as I told her what I tend to do for the boys for birthday treats and small celebrations, she suggested I contact the PTO to have my ideas and suggestions adopted schoolwide....LOL

I told her I'd think about the room mother/PTO thing. Past experiences in this at Salamander's school have been less than positive, but that was 4 years ago, and general awareness around food related issues and willingness to look for non-food alternatives has changed...


At 12:58 AM, August 29, 2008 , Blogger daharja said...

I know what you mean already, and my son is only 3!

But I look at the bright side when I can. We went to the museum today, and there was a school group there with us, and a little girl with Downs and obvious other problems. I looked at her, and I think my son's mild ASD is not so much a problem after all.

But it would be nice to be like one of my friends, for whom a kindergarten trauma is her eldest daughter spitting in class.


They have no idea. They really don't.

But when I looked at that little girl at the museum, neither do we.


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