Sunday, August 24, 2008

Doing OK...

I know, I know.. very quiet from my end this weekend... I have/had started multiple posts on a variety of topics, just haven't had the time/energy to finish any of them. Plus I've been a tad pre-occupied putting the boys' gut bug programs together.

I'm ramping up on treatments for both boys (yes, I AM insane - who in their right mind tries to address dysbiosis issues in TWO kids at the same time...). And things are going as well as can be expected.

Potatey is handling things *OK*, I try to do most of his treatments during the day, as I know trying to get stuff in just before bed will create extensive sleep shenanigans, and that is the LAST thing I need. He is now taking S. boullardi daily, Dr. Amy's mycology RNA twice a day (THAT STUFF PACKS A PUNCH), and I started Candex for him yesterday. And this is on top of stuff I had already in place - as I mentioned before, I have a decent anti-bacterial program in place for him (and as evidenced by HIS most recent CDSA, that part is working), but I had been sloppy on the anti-yeast part. So THAT is what I am rectifying now. Potatey is tired, he gets a little whiny about 1 hour after taking the Candex, but nothing I can't manage.

Salamander is being a real trooper. His gut dysbiosis problem is much much much more extensive than Potatey's and I've had to pull out some heavy guns. Things are starting to work.. we have nasty BMs, he is even more tired than he was before (if that's even possible), and he's definitely whiny about an hour after getting a *gut bug cocktail* [I am not posting the details on Salamander's gut bug protocol - there's a lot to it that needs careful explaining and needs to be put into the context of the particular SNPs Salamander is walking around with - I'm happy to share, but will only do so *off blog*].
BUT Salamander's aggressive outbursts have dropped.. a lot.. and that happened virtually overnite after I introduced/increased supplements to raise his gut pH and to calm down the inflammation. DO NOT DISCOUNT THE EFFECT GUT PAIN HAS ON YOUR CHILD'S BEHAVIORS!!! And despite Salamander being highly verbal, he was not able to recognize/tell me that he was/is in pain. And considering the inflammation markers he must have been/must be in considerable pain.

Of course you'll see that about an hour after I have this post *go live*, the bottom drops out (it always happens that way). And you'll know if that has happened, as I won't be posting much in that case.. LOL

But right now, things are going as well as can be expected. So I'll focus on that. And whatever happens, happens....

P.S. Popped over to the lend4health blog just now, and Tori had a note up that cuts right down to the chase. I HAVE removed the name of the kiddo she used as an example, but you'll get the drift...Pick any of the kiddos that have outstanding loan requests right now, and consider contributing a couple of bucks.. Really, any of us can loan $2 or $3.... (and if you already did contribute to a loan, my sincere THANKS)

Think About It . . .
Yesterday (Friday), we had 180 visitors to Lend4Health. XXX
still needs $800 to fulfill his loan. If each of yesterday's visitors had lent a mere $4.45, XXX would have his loan today!

My blogging friend Jeanne just put up a brilliant post around the microloan concept behind lend4health. She's saying everything I wanted to say but just couldn't. So without much further ado, I hereby introduce Lincoln Loan Days....


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