Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Got Salamander's CDSA back this afternoon... not good, not good at all.... he continues to have MAJOR issues with dysbiotic bacteria, and Candida (yeast) is back full force too.. (sure explains that bloated belly ... and may explain some of the mood related issues too, as well as that extreme fatigue...).

I need some time to really read and understand Dr. Yasko's recommendations on what to do next...

D@mn... Definitely a set-back (and note to self: Salamander needs a CDSA every quarter, at a minimum. His gut is too fragile to go for MORE than a year without checking up on what's going on)

Update at 9.45 pm - I just checked my test record files; looks like the last time I ran a CDSA for Salamander was May of 2007!!!!! What the h#ll was I thinking not running CDSAs more frequently??? The only *excuse* I can come up with is that between May 07 and February 08 I was super focused on frequent amino acid and metabolic cycle testing...).


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