Monday, August 18, 2008

So far, it's been a vomit and poop day out here (literally) - 4 *crapisodes*, to borrow a phrase from Kim S, total;
two nasty foamy yeast floaters by Potatey (the S. boullardi, in combo with Dr. Amy's mycology RNA are starting to do their thing) and two *meany greeny, you can use these to peel paint* stink bombs by Salamander (I suspect due to increase in cholacol, and consistent use of SAMe w/ trehalose to stabilize the SAMe).

Oh joy...

Learning about ABC News' coverage of the lend4health blog did make me feel a little better (even though I'm a bit disappointed that the article went down the *but these treatments are not proven, even dangerous in some cases* path.. As that is NOT what lend4health is about... it's about helping parents help their kids. PERIOD.)


At 4:46 PM, August 18, 2008 , Blogger webmaster said...

Hey Petra. It's okay. Media needs to make things controversial or at least show the "other side" in order to make it "balanced." If the entire story was all rosy, people would complain that ABC was promoting possibly dangerous treatments. So they need to cover their butts. It's okay. The word is out and it increases visibility of the site and of biomedical. Thanks for your awesome quotes!

Tori :)


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