Thursday, August 14, 2008


I blogged about the *wonderful lifestyle* associated with running your own gig before..

Let's just say that today it all bit me in the a$$ once again. The two primary projects I've been working on hit a bit of a slowdown earlier this week, so I have taken on two new, smaller, projects to *fill the gaps* so to speak. And as the boys are both going back to school on September 3rd, I figured the *slow down* would allow me to keep the boys out of school/camp next week to just hang out and do fun day trips. And that I could use any *spare time* to get all the medical paperwork for the school nurses squared away, as well as schedule *transition* visits to the boys' respective schools.

Well, THAT was the plan this morning. Actually, it still IS the plan.

But the two projecs that had slowed down are back on.. full speed... And the two smaller projects? Not so small now that I am getting into the details (yes, I got *suck[er]ed* in..).

Good news? Plenty of work to get me through remainder of August and well into September.
Not so good news? As I do NOT want to break an already made promise to the boys of being *home based* next week, I'll be putting in a lot of very early and very late hours....(and yes, realistically, I'll have to beg and plead with a certain person to take the boys for a day here and there.. as my wonderful *usual* back-up troops need to get ready for the *return to school* themselves...)

Oh well, in the scheme of things, there are much worse problems to have than drowning in paying work....(and along that line, I am getting quite worried about Salamander's continued extreme tiredness and fatigue.. I'm going to have to find the money somehow to do a combo UAA/MAP test; I need to *see* exactly what is going on metabolically....)


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