Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Smith..

Saw the movie last nite. And I laughed my a$$ off.

Best scenes by far?

The *cat and mouse* dinner scene after John and Jane discover that each has been contracted to botch up the other's Black Op (especially the constant swifting between who is cat and who is mouse is a delight to watch).

And the *tango scene* where John asks Jane "Don't you believe in Happy Endings?" to which Jane answers (and I'm paraphrasing a bit): "Happy Endings are stories that simply haven't finished yet."

Amen sista!

How many Fairy Tales do YOU know that talk about what happens to Happily Ever After once Prince Charming and Cinderella return from their honeymoon and Prince Charming returns to his real *piglet* self and starts leaving his dirty socks and dirty underwear all over the place, no longer puts up the toilet seat when he pees, and seriously believes that throwing the dirty dishes in the general direction of the sink is *doing more than his share as after all he *owns* Cinderella now lock, stock and barrel and as all SHE brought into the marriage are her house keeping skills..".

Or Fairy Tales about what happens to Happily Ever After once Cinderella has the audacity to give birth to not just one, but two little princelings that *have issues*? After all, THOSE ISSUES really must have come from Cinderella's side of the family as *those things do NOT happen in Prince Charming's family*.

Cynical? Maybe.

Reality? More likely.

My advise to all the young ladies out there who think they've found their Prince Charming: Put Prince Charming to the test and ask him to help you provide a full weekend of care for a family member with special needs (as almost every family these days has at least one, if not more, extended family members with special needs). Preferably involving three NIGHTS of care too. And no breaks. And if Prince Charming doesn't turn into a toad during that exercise (no offense to the toads), then he may be a keeper.

But if at any time you get that *funny feeling* that maybe, just maybe Prince Charming isn't up for the task, then let him go, baby, let him go (and don't waste another breath or tear on him). Or run like hell yourself because if you don't, there WILL be a point where you find yourself looking at Prince-Not-So-Charming's backside as he's hightailing it for the hills leaving you on your own in caring for and dealing with the heartbreak involved in raising your special princelings....


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