Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Salamander's First UTM Post Lead Paint Exposure

Sigh....Lead excretion is up a bit (about a factor 1.5 vs prior UTMs). But as lead excretion had kinda dropped down to *noise level* prior to the lead paint chip/dust situation, all this UTM really tells me is that Salamander is still excreting lead at the *noise level*, albeit more noise than before.

So I really can't tell if he's excreting more lead or not. I need more data (I sent in another UTM for him this morning). Which means more waiting.

What IS however CLEARLY up is nickel excretion and Tungsten is back too (which for Salamander has always been tied to whether or not his B12 levels are holding steady/improving - and improving B12 levels in and of itself will trigger detox). Aluminum excretion is holding steady too.

Metabolically something is clearly *OFF* with Salamander. He continues to be really tired, we continue to have lots of night time potty accidents, and then there's some other *stuff* going on too. His incessant talking about all the foods he can't have and the near *hysterical breakdowns* when talking about memories of visits to McD and other places like that are starting to wear me down (very much *junkie looking for a fix*, or am I just dealing with another permutation of puberty???). If all of this *goes away* next week (as camp is ending on Friday), then I KNOW he's been exposed to *something* there these past several weeks...

Don't know WHAT to think.. And that may be part of my problem.. I need to stop (over?)thinking and wondering IF the lead paint exposure will trigger anything. Instead I need to start trusting my gut again; along the line of *He's in detox. Deal with that. Make him as comfortable as you can get him. Keep testing. Stop playing Doom's Day and What If.*

Oh, and work project wise, I did it in driving myself insane trying to produce A+ material (to my standards) but delivering C- material (again to my standards), but my client thinking it's definitely at least a B+. Sigh...
I am working on another tough assignment (yeah, well, duh, companies typically don't hire consultants/contractors for the easy stuff), and this one has been keeping me up at night (quite literally in fact). I have not been very happy so far with how my write-up to address *situation X* has been coming together. Not happy at all. But as I am running way behind on deadline, I had to send off the first half of the unfinished product to my client earlier today, to show that I actually have been working on things. I just almost fainted; my client commented *this looks really good*. So if nothing else, I have bought myself some goodwill and a little extra time in delivering the full product. Which goes a long way towards a little peace of mind...


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