Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Boss...

UPDATE 3 at 3 pm
Ya like the roller coaster ride??? I've got no bloody choice but to go along...

A good friend called around 2 pm, assuminG that he'd be s.o.l.. He wasn't. And several phone calls later, I've got the tickets (at a very good price too). I have no idea as to seating and how close/far away we'll be, but I don't care. Momma gets to go out and play for a bit, THAT'S what matters.

Boys are NOT so thrilled about me being gone at dinner time, bed time and all that (because I almost never am). I'll talk 'em through that..


UPDATE 2 at 1.15 pm
It's official. It ain't happenin'. And bummed out I am....Boys, bless their caring hearts, are trying hard to cheer me up....

I did come across some very uplifting stuff this morning... and I also came across a rather silly test with a, to me, very surprising outcome. Will post about all of that later...

UPDATE @ 11:30 AM
Things are NOT looking good. These tix are strictly a package deal, and despite many emails and phone calls to friends in this area, I'm striking out (which I had kinda expected - my friends are all sailing a boat of a similar make and model to mine.. and I KNOW how GD hard it is to find care for the kiddos and get away... Which is WHY most of us start planning several months (I kid you not) in advance....)

Ah well, I'll see what happens in the next hour or so, and if then still no luck, then I guess it just wasn't meant to be.....
And then back to cleaning, cooking, bill paying, grocery shopping, supplement preparing, test result digesting, etc. it'll be. It was nice though to get a bit of a sniff at a chance for being a grown-up for an eve....

I have an opportunity to go see Bruce Springsteen tonite!!!! My neighbor T knows somebody who knows somebody who has two tickets for tonite's show in a locale NOT too far from where I live, but who is not able to go.

So my neighbor thought of me and *popped the question* (no, he's not that much of fan unfortunately.. ). So now I am in search of another person who can/will go with me (I would have gone on my own.. trust me.. have done THAT many times before.. but these tix come as a package deal).

So if any of my local readers are interested in getting to tonite's show, drop me a line asap. In the mean time I'll keep burning braincells in sorting all the logistics involved in me actually being able to go (which is NOT so easy when you're an autie momma who's flying solo).

I'll keep you all posted on whether or not I'm going to pull this one off.

(of course the weather predictions for tonite absolutely suck, and yes, I DO believe that the locale is an open stadium. Ah well.. who cares...)


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