Thursday, July 31, 2008

If You Ever Wondered...

Why so many kids with *autism* toe walk, hang with their bellies/stomachs over furniture, wake up in the middle of the nite screaming, refuse to eat, vomit ala Linda Blair, have constant diarrhea, do not gain weight, or have pot bellies that would do a starvation victim proud, just look at these endo pics that Jeanne just posted for her little guy.

I am sick to my stomach... poor, poor Charlie (and trust me, these pics are a fair representation of how MY kids' insides looked too ..).

And of course when you take a child that has the above symptoms + autism to a *regular GI doc*, all you will get back is: "Oh, it's all behavioral. After all he/she has autism, so what do you expect. This is just their way of trying to control you..." (and you'll get something very similar if you take your child w/ autism and seizures to a neurologist...)

Yeah, right, sure, whatever...

TG that so many of us take matters in our own hand (at great cost) and tell docs like the examples above to *Go "F" themselves". (I fired one of my pedi's on the spot when she started, all saccharine like and quite condescendingly, telling me about the symptoms of Munchhausen by Proxy..)

Yes, I am really bitter when it comes to the total lack of attention paid by mainstream medicine. Charlie is 6. Accordingly to Jeanne, he's had his GI symptoms since he was 2. That's 4 years of a child in pain. Salamander was well over 6 years of age before I realized that the few foods he was willing to eat were poisoning him (and caused him a great deal of pain and distress). Salamander has had GI issues since he was 6 weeks old. That's 6 years of a child in pain.

And there are so many many more kids out there in the same boat.

This is criminal neglect (on the part of mainstream practitioners) at its worst...


At 10:15 PM, July 31, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

You are so right, so many doctors, so many lies, so much unwillingness to think outside the box. Not one of the doctors I took my son to see thought it was out of the ordinary for a child to have his GI symptoms? More to the point, and like you said, not one of them believed me. They couldn't have. Because if they did believe me, and they failed to act on the potential situation, what does that make them?

Criminally negligent. That's what.

At 9:10 AM, August 01, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

My response to your comment became quite long. And I felt the response deserved its own post.

And on that note..


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