Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Collection...

So I am about to ship off Salamander's first UTM post lead paint chips/dust disaster... And then the waiting will begin. I am worried, more worried than I have been in a long long time. I can handle detox, detox is a necessary process towards healing. But having to face that Salamander may potentially go through (or have to go through) additional detox because of another person's carelessness and stupidity, now that's another matter altogether.

Mood and behavior wise, Salamander DID better yesterday. The anger, agitation and edginess are right below the surface though.. And the poor babe is just so, so, so VERY VERY tired (very low energy, low muscle tone, coordination is waaaay off -tripping over his own feet, walking into walls, processing delays in executing multi step tasks, spaced out). It's been fairly hot out here again too, so I'm sure that's NOT helping.

Not much I can do about any of the above, beyond what I typically do. And for the rest, I just have to wait for test results to come back.

On a much more *upbeat* note... Salamander and I went shopping yesterday for a new play set. I had promised the boys a while back that we would get a new one over the summer (as the old one is approaching *condemned property* status). While, considering that I will probably have to significantly accelerate some paint resealing/encasing work in the boys' bedrooms that I had planned for NEXT summer, it would probably have been better to postpone the play set purchase and keep the money in reserve. I just could not disappoint my boys like that (and it's not fair to punish them for what happened).

Salamander did AWESOME. We worked HARD with the sales person for an hour and 15 minutes; deciding first on the type of play structure (we decided upon a *tree house* like set-up, as the boys want to climb, climb, climb and have a place to have their *secret club* meetings), then on additional features (large climbing wall, slide, two swings), and then materials and color. Salamander did SUCH a good job listening.. and understanding that trade-offs were necessary and working through his disappointment on certain trade-offs. I think the sales person was absolutely blown away with how mature Salamander acted (after getting over the initial "Oh, you are making this child an active part of the process?" Well hell, YES, of course... ).

We ended up with a really *cool* structure that I think Potatey will take to as well (no, I hadn't brought him.. I can do a lot, but making decisions, negotiating with a sales person, while at the same time managing my very opiniated brood definitely exceeds my capabilities..). I will add a sketch of what things will look like as soon as I have a moment (and yes, I DID spent more money than I will ever publicly admit to - but heck, my boys are worth it .. There are so so many other things that are considered part of the *American way of life* that we do not or cannot do...).

Salamander was absolutely POOPED by the time we were done. And considering how hard he worked, that is completely understandable. I am just so friggin' PROUD of him.

Materials have been ordered, and pending any crazy *oopsies*, the whole thing should be *up* by the end of August (yes, I AM having it installed, and I AM having the old clunker removed - I can do a lot on my own, but certain things are just NOT worth getting all stingy over.. )

Both boys did an awesome job last night in helping me take care of a dishwasher *problem*. Salamander figured out what tools I needed to get the job done, and then Potatey went off and found them!!!! And the whole time, while I am upside down in nasty, smelly water in a pretty *tight* space, the two of them stayed right with me, encouraging me every step of the way. They are such GOOD kids (and I hope that their niceness and caring continues beyond puberty, and especially beyond the *well, I've gotten in the girl's pants, so now I don't have to make an effort anymore to be nice*.. Yes, yes, this too involves teaching.. And trust me, the boyos are getting and will continue to get plenty of the female perspective on things.. LOL).

I may have an opportunity to spend four days in St. Lucia (as in Caribbean) in November. And I am so, so, so tempted - my dreamer side is jumping up and down going: "Yes, yes, take it. Pack your bags and go, go, go". My pragmatic side goes: "No way, you can't do this. You can't leave the boys. And think about the expense! Think about the food and supplements you could buy for the money you'd be spending during those 4 days!"
I truly don't know which side of me will win (opinions are welcome!!!).
I need to decide by next week Friday....


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