Friday, July 25, 2008

Swimming Against The Tide..

So there were three situations over the course of this past week where my faith in huMANkind was restored a bit. And these situation involved people with whom I really only have a fairly casual relationship (and that I should probably change..). And these people, who have no real tie to either me or my boys, showed understanding, empathy, support, and even quite a bit of care. These people *got it*.

But then the one person who DOES have a tie to the boys and who should *get it* blows my little bit of regained faith right back to *Kingdom Come*. He,so does NOT *get it*. And never will....
And because of that, he makes it infinitely harder for me to be a proper parent to my boys (as I'm too d#mn busy putting out fires, and straightening out mucked up situations).

Let me just say that, while I firmly believe kids need TWO parents, I can completely understand why several of my fellow mommy warriors requested and got sole or primary custody....


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