Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Healthy (??) Harvest..

[Do not read this post if you're easily grossed out or if you do not handle *potty humor* very well]

Right now there are 4 boxes neatly stacked on my front deck. They represent today's *harvest*. Specifically, there is a CDSA and a UTM for Potatey, and a UTEE and FM for Salamander.

For those of you that are living *la vida loca* with me, you know what that means. For those of you that are not, these lovely acronyms are fancy schmancy references to pee and poo testing.

Getting Potatey's samples wasn't so bad. He did his *business* last nite and this morning, I collected the necessary samples, prepped them and neatly bottled and boxed them up. DONE.

Salamander was a different story altogether. His *output* has been, well, nasty as of late. I was able to get through the UTEE collection relatively unharmed.

However, yesterday I received feedback that Salamander's liver is struggling to keep up with the amount of junk he's clearing (nothing that can't be corrected.. and it certainly explains a few things I've seen for the past week or so .. I know what to do to fix this, I just do not like any issues associated with liver and kidneys). So, during Cranial Sacral Therapy, his therapist did quite a bit of *liver work*. And last night, I increased Salamander's liver support supplements.

So not suprisingly, this morning's *crop* could only be classified as TT* Extraordinaire. OMG, I will have to fumigate my house to clear the stench (Oh, no, wait, I already DID - I don't think I'll be having an insect problem for a while..) !!! LOL

It'll be interesting (yes, I am absolutely one *twisted sister*) to see what the FM results show.

TG everything is bottled up, double wrapped, boxed up and placed in a plastic overwrap bag. Otherwise there would be no way in HELL that the DHL guy would ever set foot in this street again.... (and as I have weekly harvests to get out, THAT would be a problem)

Off to get ready for my other jobs...

*TT = Toxic Turd


At 2:56 PM, July 23, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

TT - Toxic Turd...

Recently harvested a "crop" from Charlie, "TT" is perfect to describe the specimen.

Good one, too funny.

At 11:13 PM, July 23, 2008 , Anonymous Holly said...


Did I just watch an episode of "The Office" or read Petra and Kim's blog entries today!? All 3 are funny, but the blog entries have me doing belly laughs which feels pretty darn good. I just finished reading Kim Stagliano's funny swimming suit story, and your comment at her blog about your nasty blog entry today made me curious enough to stop in to read it. I'm still laughing. It's not a mean laugh. It's the been-there-done-that laugh. TT is hilarious. Our D has TT's that literally make my eyes water. We are doing a UTEE and FM in a few days after a suppository DMSA challenge, and I'm sure I will be thinking of your post when I'm in my surgical mask with my plastic gloves up to my elbows gathering the goods. Fun times.


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