Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Most Definitely "Off"

Salamander had a good day yesterday. No accidents, BMs returning to normal (they continue to be HUGE and frequent).

But this morning things were definitely "off" again. Very low muscle tone, spacey/foggy, grouchy, trouble with executing multi step tasks (I had to prompt and coach a lot this morning).

At breakfast he was quite agitated (and of course Potatey was being a total pest asking him 18 million questions), and he snapped at Potatey; "Stop talking. You are hurting my ears.". Then he turned to me and said: "Mom, my autism is getting too big, my autism is getting too big." [this is from a book by Karl Dunn Buron called When My Autism Gets too Big. It's a relaxation book for Children with ASD]. I said: "OK hon, what do you do when your autism gets too big." And Salamander started his deep breathing, his chair push ups and his 'happy thoughts' routine, which definitely helped him regain some control.

He did get quite stimmy over the course of breakfast; rubbing his chin against the rim of his glass, finger puppets, all stuff I have not seen in a long long while. He also started talking about himself in the 3rd person: "Salamander wants bacon, mommy.", "Can Salamander go potty?", etc.

Not sure yet what to make of all of this. We could be having ammonia issues again (time to really watch the protein intake again - he LOVES the zucchini bread I made on Sunday, but he may be eating too much of it), it could also continued GABA/glutamate issues, or just *plain ole' detox*. I did sent in a UTM last week Wednesday, so I should have those results any day now. I'll be doing an UTEE tomorrow morning, and I am going to try to get samples for a FM and a CDSA tonite and tomorrow.

Salamander does have an appointment with his CST this afternoon, will be interesting to get her read on things (I should remember to tell her that I did start tick support stuff after his last visit with her).

We'll see how things go. It's quite cloudy and much cooler today, so maybe that'll help stabilize the glutamates (on the flip side, cloudy weather definitely DOES affect Salamander's mood and activity levels).

Off to clean up my pigsty house and then crank hard on work for a few hours.


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