Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Then...

you have to wonder if all progress I think Salamander has made is just me being in denial....

The boys and I were watching a Disney Playhouse show this morning... and this particular episode revolved around a search for a Hula Dancing Hybiscus.

At the end of the show, Mickey, Donald and Pluto were hula dancing, in little hula skirts. Salamander wasn't paying attention, Potatey yelled "Salamander, look at this".

Salamander turned around, looked at the TV and went: "OMG, THIS is just SO wrong!"
And it was such an age appropriate, becoming a teenager kinda comment that I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Salamander whipped around with this crazy look in his eyes and and bitch slapped me across the face.. three times.. HARD, while screaming from the top of his lungs 'stop laughing at me, stop laughing at me."

Now granted, it is hard for Salamander to distinguish between being laughed at and people thinking something he said was extremely funny. Regardless, him slapping me is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. And he's now in his room, in time out, and he will loose a shopping privilige for this afternoon.

I am crying, and I am too upset to even go and talk with Salamander..

How many times have I worked with him on situations like this? How many times have I told him "If you feel yourself getting that upset, take a deep breath, try to USE YOUR WORDS, and if you can't WALK AWAY!"

Is any of it even registering??


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