Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Crazy Day "Off"

and I'm too beat to post about it right now.

Got some really neat feedback on how Salamander is doing in camp this year (and as a reminder, he is going there for his 5th summer now), they are just blown away by the changes in him. And all that was said is a COMPLETE validation of everything we've worked on, everything we've gone through to get to this point. And it felt so good to hear all of that (as *living in the trenches* 24/7 does make you loose sight of the bigger picture). And what was said very nicely meshed with a conversation I had with another person this past Saturday

My gorgeous guy is coming into his own (and I can't help it..I'll drag out the old 'caterpillar emerging from its chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly' analogy again.. NAA has a beautiful PSA that speaks to this).

I'll post more about what was said when I am coherent again.



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