Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sorry, nothing of substance from me today... Me thinks I have managed to develop a borderline case of heat exhaustion (due to working long hours in a very hot office/house yesterday, not drinking/eating enough, and then spending several hours in a very hot kitchen cooking last nite), so I'm not feeling too great (as in feeling weak, nauseous, pounding headache, swollen hands and feet, can't concentrate for more than 2 minutes..)

Yes, yes, I am drinking lots of water today, took up residence in the attic with a monstersize AC unit blasting at full force. I'm going to take the 'easy way out' for the boys' dinner tonite (as I can't bear the thought of spending several more hours in a hot kitchen today) and will get them some sticky rice and chicken satey take-out from a local Thai restaurant (this particular place knows all about the boys dietary challenges, and the kitchen staff has been absolutely awesome in accommodating all my 'weird' requests.). And I am going to try and take a nap before I need to leave the house to go get Potatey from his school (the wonderful Mrs C.R is taking care of Salamander for the afternoon and she'll drop him off at home..)

Then hopefully by tomorrow I will be ready to swing back in the saddle and go at it again (as the usual stuff and my work deadlines aren't exactly going away when momma is out of commission).

Please do read this post. Replace Drama Mama's Ms. M by Salamander and Roxie by Potatey, and she is describing exactly what I am feeling every once and a while...


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