Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Happy Ending...

A very uplifting 'recovery' story was posted on AoA yesterday.

Why did this particular one resonate with me? Well, the young man in the story's path is remarkably similar to my Salamander's. MacKenzie is now 16 I guesss, and doing awesome. My Salamander turned 10 in March and is doing really well overall. And I have great hope that some point Salamander will get where MacKenzie is now (just not putting any time frame on it).

My sincere thanks to MacKenzie's parent(s) for posting his recovery story.

(and after a traumatic experience I had YESTERDAY MORNING involving Potatey that I just cannot yet write about, I needed a 'feel good' story. Potatey is fine, and has pretty much forgotten about what happened. I, however, have not...).


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