Thursday, July 03, 2008

Look at This Gorgeous Kiddo...

I need something more uplifting to 'pop up' when my blog loads.. so I'm bumping this one to the top.

Happy 4th!!!!!

Potatey's school pics just came in..... And just LOOK at him
(and anybody in their right mind would do whatever is necessary to keep this kiddo this way.. So I sure as hell ain't stopping HIS biomed program anytime soon..)


At 8:17 PM, July 01, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Oh my... He's just adorable Petra! :-)

At 8:52 PM, July 01, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

Yes he IS.

And trust me, the little sh#t, and I say that with an enormous amount of love, KNOWS it too - it's a good thing that his sense of right/wrong is very well developed, otherwise he'd be using that charm of his to get away with *murder*.

This one is going to be an incredible handful once HE hits puberty - in an entirely different way than his big bro (who is absolutely gorgeous too..). Move over Casanova, in another 10 years you are going to have SERIOUS competition in the female conquests department..


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