Sunday, June 29, 2008

And We're Back...

Boys are wiped, they actually BOTH conked out for about 25 minutes on the ride back. They had such a great time, they really didn't want to leave. And as I was checking out, Potatey piped up: "Mom, can you make sure they keep the *room* for us so we can come back in a few days?" LOL I'll see if I can swing another trip later this summer... I would go for more days though.. doing an overnite thing made for a hectic trip... (I'll have to check all my unused airline mileage accounts.. maybe something can be finagled..).

Salamander is definitely a bit dehydrated (so am I.. I know this sounds funny.. we've been in the water for hours on end so how can you get dehydrated while spending all that time in water? Well, trust me you can.. ) and both boys have a little bit of a 'chlorine/asthma' cough.. But that can be taken care off.

More about their actual adventures later..

Hardest thing for me? Nope, not all the preparing and the *continuing to work my a$$ off* while we were away (as really, this trip didn't have any space for a break for ME). No, it was tripping over all those MEN at the water park who were so obviously having a BLAST being with their kids (from eeny teeny weeny to teenagers). Ah well, I'll just have to get over that...


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