Thursday, June 26, 2008

On The Topic Of Lyme...

I need to clarify a few things.. my previous Tick post and the updates were written in a hurry, as I was doing my usual multi task thing.

Yes, I realize that Lyme Disease is not viral in origin. It's caused by a microbacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. So when I talked about beefing up Salamander's anti-viral supports I did not mean to imply that OLE, Melissa, Moducare, Elderberry would be able to help address a B. burgdorferi problem. What I should have said is that these supplements are immune system boosters, and you need a well working immune system to fight off critters of any type. In addition, it's not unheard of in our kids that while the immune system is off fighting critters of one particular type, critters of another type are seeing an opportunity to throw a party. All-round support (for bacterial, viral, parasites) needs to be considered.

Also, please bare in mind, I am not licensed MD or ND. What I write about is not to be construed as medical advise. I'm just an AM (Autism Mom) writing about stuff that goes on in my house. And the boys are under the care of several very knowledgeable and wonderful practitioners.

Another thing that was pointed out to me is that you cannot have a 'touch of Lyme'. It's like being pregnant, either you have Lyme or you don't. Point taken. What I was trying to communicate with my 'touch of Lyme' comment is that Salamander may have been exposed to B. burgdorferi. And that his immune system may actually be holding its own in fighting off the critter (if he's been exposed, which is not a definite), but that he may need a little extra help in giving the critter the K.O punch. Hence me looking into the Tick RNA, Cat's Claw, IMF2 etc.

I don't know enough about Lyme Disease, but with any other disease of bacterial origin, the bacteria needs to replicate to a certain level before it becomes a problem (as the immune system becomes overwhelmed). So while Salamander may have some B. burgdorferi in his system, I don't think they have replicated (yet) to the point of exceeding the 'and now we have Lyme Disease' treshhold (and that's where then also the difficulties around testing come in ... to be able to detect B. burgdorferi or what ever 'stuff' these critters 'spit out', you need to have enough critters running around doing their thing).

Regardless, I will keep a very very close eye on Salamander. And if I see anything that is even remotely suggestive of him developing Lyme Disease, off to the doctor we go for a full work up (IgA/IgM/IgG, Western Blot, Lyme Dot Blot, PCR, the works..). And we'll look for the other tick borne diseases at the same time in that case (here's a website with great information).


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