Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ticks Part II

UPDATE: Feedback I am getting indicates that it makes sense to get some prophylaxis on board: Dr. Amy's Tick RNA has been mentioned, as well as Cat's Claw, IMF2, Lyme nosodes. I got to research all of these a bit more. Regardless, I am going to have to beef up Salamander's anti-viral supports (such as Moducare, OLE, Elderberry, Melissa...) ... which of course will add to the current detox... Oh joy..

UPDATE 2: Started Salamander on OLE tonite (I took it myself for a while as part of a comprehensive antiviral program to deal with my chronic EBV, and oh boy, that stuff is POWERFUL). I probably will give it to him either every other nite or every third nite. Also ordered the Tick RNA and Cat's Claw. Will keep you all posted (and some positive energy please? We do NOT need Lyme on top of everything else...)

Remember when I posted about having to pull a tick of Salamander??

Well, Salamander had a CST (Craniosacral Therapy) appointment today. He hasn't been feeling entirely right as of late. I figured detox, end of school year, few other things...

As the CST is working on Salamander she goes: "Has he had a tick bite?" My jaw dropped on the floor, as I hadn't told her.

So we talked through Salamander's current physical difficulties (the metabolic crash, the bone pains, low energy, fatigued, muscle stiffness, the vomiting a couple of days ago) and yes, she's right, there could be a 'touch of Lyme' in the mixture (and then again, there are also several other explanations for these symptoms).

I have to do a little research and then I have some decisions to make on what to do...Do I assume 'a touch of Lyme' and treat for it, or do I keep an eye on things for a little longer (I do NOT want for Salamander to end up with a chronic Lyme infection...)



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