Saturday, July 05, 2008

We're all doing OK. Just really busy... I'll post when I can...

Oh, do read this one on Ginger's blog.

We're off to our farming co-op to pick up/out our veggies, then back home for some lunch and, if Potatey feels up to it as he wasn't feeling so good this morning, a visit to a BIG indoor playground for some serious rompus time (as the weather is kinda crappy here today). See, I can now DO visits to indoor playgrounds without having to operate at DEFCON ONE and having my exit strategy already mapped out for when the inevitable sensory overload meltdown happens...

(my house is a disaster zone, I need to do laundry, groceries, pay bills, and lots of other 'responsible grown up' sh#t. And you know what? It can wait until tonite...)


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