Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Precious Moments...

[and as promised, I am not letting anybody take another precious moment from me..]

Salamander really has been taking tremendous ownership of his 'How am I doing' chart. Now we haven't tied him getting a sticker or small reward to any specific actions, we purposely kept things a bit open ended, as the entire chart is based around 'taking ownership'. He's 10 now, and there is a lot of stuff he CAN do (but doesn't always want to..LOL). Like getting himself in and out of the shower without help, getting dressed, throwing his dirty clothes in the hamper, bringing his dirty dishes to the kitchen, putting his shoes/backpack etc where they belong, executing the 'get ready for camp 'routine on his own WITHOUT me reminding him, prompting him, coaching him every step of the way (e.g., all those essential self help skills).

You could say that this is becoming the summer of 'weaning Salamander off from using momma as the prosthetic frontal lobe' (similar to last summer being the summer of teaching Salamander age appropriate play skills). And boy, IT IS WORKING. He is doing SO MUCH entirely on his own, without prompting. Sure, he'll ask 'mom, how about I do X now?' or 'is it time to do Y yet?", which is fine. My point is that he knows that X or Y is coming up and he is anticipating and planning. And he is self motivated. HUGE BIG STEPS.

He is also learning that, just because you earn your reward for a given day, things may come up that prevent you from 'cashing' a particular reward. And that that's OK, as the reward is 'in the bank' and there will be an opportunity on another day. Delay of gratification. ANOTHER HUGE STEP.

When dropping Salamander off at his camp this morning, I popped out of the car real quick to have a chat with one of the lead counselors. And she was absolutely GUSHING over him. How easily he was adjusting this year as compared to prior years (he's been going to this particular camp since he was 6), how much more mature and in control of his emotions he seems to be, more willing to take ownership of conflicts and then work toward solving them, less 'on edge and ready to combust at any given moment." WOOHOOHOOHOO!!!

(also, neat little tidbit. I've always, in prior years, brought special snacks in for Salamander, like the EnjoyLife cookies. Not so this year. Apparently there are a bunch of kids on special diets now, so lead counselor simply went out and bought a supply, and then checked back with each of the parents to ensure it is *the right stuff*. YEAH. Power to the Diet Nazis!!! LOL).

Potatey is having an absolute blast at his summer program too (he's covered from head to toe in scrapes and bruises; all as expected for a healthy active 5 year old boy who is up for anything). I had an opportunity to watch him run around with 12 other pre-K/K kids hooting and hollering while they were running through the sprinklers. He is SO AMAZING. So much smack dab in the middle of the whole social scene, *directing* the play activities, making sure all are included. He is just so incredibly, what shall I call it, PRESENT. Not in an 'in your face, bossy, do what I tell you to do' kind of way. He is just 'all there', aware, making connections, full out participating in life. Which is so awesome to watch....

I know I still need to get my 'water park adventures' up. I will once I have a free moment. Right now, I gotta switch into work mode.



At 2:34 PM, July 08, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words on our blog! We are so glad your child is making progress.


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