Thursday, August 21, 2008

On A Much Lighter Note..

Can I call myself a *contributor to a book* now?

Excerpts from two of my many, many, many, many posts on the ANDI yahoo group (I think I am completely bastardizing the actual yahoo group name.. I'll look it up when I have more time) made it into Karyn Seroussi & Lisa Lewis' new book "The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders".

If you have the book, check out pages 104 and 127.

(yes, yes I am tooting my own horn... so bite me, I need something to feel good about today, after completely effin' up on regular testing of Salamander's gut environment)

My two boys have been thorougly enjoying trying out recipes from this book. Thing is, it's not geared towards kids with extensive food allergies, so every single recipe we've tried I had to adjust for their particular dietary needs. NOT as big of a deal as it sounds, after all I've had well over 4 years of practice. I did contact Usborne (the publisher of the book) to ask 1) if they have similar cookbooks that are geared towards kids with food allergies, and 2) if they do not, if they would be interested in adjusting the recipes in their existing cookbooks to make them suitable for kids with allergies. I don't expect any response, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. In the mean time, the boys and I will keep experimenting and adjusting.

Earlier tonite, I sat next to Potatey's bed and watched him drift off to sleep.... He is SO precious......There is so much more I want to say about him, but I can't find the words right now.... I am going to try real hard to watch Salamander fall asleep too.... I need a little reafirmation that, despite all the craziness going on, they are doing OK, that they will be OK....

P.S. [warning, *adult* eyes only] I just had to add a link to this blog post. I've been reading this lady's blog for a few weeks now, and every single post I've read so far resonates. As to this particular post? I wish I had her *ovaries*.. I can think of a hunk or two or three or four (younger and older.. LOL) I'd like to send this letter to.


At 10:52 AM, August 22, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Awesome! Congratulations! :-)


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