Friday, August 22, 2008

Tori, Tori, Tori...

Am so glad to see that my blogger friend Tori (yes, the one that's behind Lend4Health) got her moment on AoA.... Oh, and to any fellow *Yaskovian's* that pop over here now and again, do check out the loan request for these two little brothers. If a whole bunch of us pitch in $5 - $10, we can send these two little guys on their way in putting more foot steps on the road to their recovery.

Boys and I were off for most of the day visiting with friends and their kids. Our collective brood (SIX boys.. LOL) had a blast. I am a little sunburned, and even though I hardly had to run after my boys or coach or facilitate or scaffold or redirect at all (!!!!!!!), I am tired....

My tiredness however, is a GOOD tiredness, the way you feel after a good work-out session in the gym... No, I didn't physically work out, but I got a chance to *work-out* my soul, by sharing about what's been going on in my house with two wonderful ladies who *get it*.
EG and KG, you know who you are... Thanks for listening to me, for validating my fears and my hopes, for sharing my joy in how far my boys have come, and for just *being* with me. My soul feels cleaner, my thoughs are clearer, and I can actually *feel* that I will sleep peacefully tonite. Thank you, thank you, thank you (and hell yes, we WILL do this a lot more often)

[heads-up, I may be in need of *more* in a couple of days. I started Salamander on Juniper Berry tonite...]


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