Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Update...

New play set installed... CHECK

Trip to Whole Foods Market... CHECK

Visit w/ Potatey to his new school... CHECK (went very well. School is appropriately nervous about his food allergy/metabolic dysfunction situation, and I think that nervousness will work in Potatey's advantage as they'll be super careful)

Visit w/ Salamander to his 5th grade class and the Pragmatic Learning Center... CHECK (visit to the PLC went well, but there will be 11 (!!!!!!) kids in the PLC this year, and several of the kids will be using CHEERIOS as re-enforcers (as called out in their IEPs.. GRRRRRR... what IS it with people using FOOD re-enforcers), so now I have to figure out something equivalent for Salamander so he doesn't feel left out; visit to 5th grade class room and teacher went very well, BUT the teacher is preggers so she'll be going out on maternity leave probably before half the school year is over!!!! GRRRRRR x 2)

Brownies for Potatey's last day party... CHECK

Still one more school visit to go - parent orientation tonite at Potatey's school, and I need to make sure that at that time I make an appointment with the school nurse, the teacher and the class room aide for next Wednesday to talk specifics for management of Potatey's medical issues. I hope my brain will still work by the time the parent orientation starts (6.30 pm).

And to add to all the fun?? I threw my back out yesterday evening and have barely been able to walk, let alone bend and reach. NOT a good thing as I spent 85% of my day on my feet, running around, bending over and reaching for stuff... UGH.


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