Friday, August 29, 2008

Mercury Rising...

[last one for today.. about to drag my very tired and sore a$$ off to bed.. my back is still giving me grief...]

Remember this post? Full moon, howling wolves and all that? I had sent in a first morning urine sample for Salamander for that particular day (Aug 15).

Oh boy, mercury excretion up with a factor 4 compared to the July 30th sample (that certainly explains the croup attack we had during that weekend). Nickel, Bismuth, Arsenic excretion up too. And a BIG bump in tin and tungsten excretion (B12 is definitely working...).

Also got a pretty wacky and wild UTM back for Potatey on a sample that I took on Aug 24 (yup, last weekend). I give Potatey enormous credit for holding it together the way he has, as I can tell you that if this had been Salamander's UTM, Salamander would have been MISERABLE!!!

Bottom line, both boys' detox is ramping up... (and no, I am not using any chelation agents, they excrete entirely on their own now that their various metabolic pathways are better supported).

Waiting for one more UTM for Salamander (from 8/23). Am planning on doing another round of testing on next week Wednesday.


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