Thursday, September 18, 2008

Holy #!$#!@ Sh1t x 3

Just got an UTM back for Potatey from last week. Well, I now KNOW how come he's been so anxious and having trouble sleeping at night. And I feel bad for having been less than patient with him, especially these past two nights. And part of me just wants to post the whole d@mn thing for the world to see. And I would do it if the test results were for me. But they're not, and there are plenty of crazies out there who would love to spin a test report like this completely out of context (and no, I am NOT chelating my boys.. they are clearing all this toxic crap on their own - lead, mercury, aluminum - you name it).

Clicking through a link to a link to a link to a link in another blog I found a post written by another blogger anonymously on yet another blogger's blog (did I lose you yet? LOL). The anonymous post was written under the umbrella of Betchfest Blog Exchange .. and while the post started off with a situation that I could not particularly relate to (although I could empathize), the poster then *dove right in*, and OMG.. this woman has turned into a fly on the wall of MY life (details of my actual situations are very very different .. but the overall reactions and feelings are exactly the same).

I am NOT going to directly link to the actual post.. it's one thing to vent in emails to friends or to drop little hints here and there on the blog, but another to have it all out there - with name, rank and serial number. But I'll leave you with two words - Spinning Yellow, and Betchfest. If you really want to know, you'll *search and find* (and if you tried that and come up empty, email me and I'll send you the link off blog). I am screaming inside my head right now..I have this angry lump sitting in the pit of my stomach, and I'm shaking.. part from relief (see? I am not imaging any of this shit or making it up), part profound sadness (as I am equally in a 'so what the f#ck do I do' place..).

And to complete the trinity, I got another letter in the mail, this time from one of my brokerage firms, informing me that they too had an *oopsie* involving my financial information and that I should be on the watch-out for identity theft (and that makes 2 letters in, what, less than 2 weeks?).

As I said ... Holy $#!@$@# sh1t x 3

And now I'm going to drag myself off to the shower and have my 30 second biannual meltdown..

12:15 pm - didn't even make it to the shower .... sh1t x 4 just happened....


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