Friday, September 19, 2008

A really GOOD late afternoon/evening/nite here yesterday. Potatey caught a break in detox, I think, and he was incredible!! (Yes, I am talking about the neurotypical guy). My dear friend C.R, who helps me take care of Salamander a couple of afternoons a week (actually she is much more of an auntie to the boys by now than *just* a care provider..) was completely amazed at how Potatey was talking and interacting (and Potatey doesn't really have any issues in these arenas to begin with) - far, far, far above typical Kindergarten level; there was an extra dimension to Potatey, no doubt about that. And the two boys together were awesome (and Potatey slept really well last nite.. a very much needed bonus)

Unfortunately, the break didn't last. This morning was crazy, for a variety of reasons. It'll take me a bit to dig out from under. And then there's some stuff happening with my dad too that add to the pile... I am gonna sum that situation up with that I got confirmed once again that mainstream medicine just doesn't get *it* .. they are so d@mn focused on their own speciality, they do NOT take the whole person into account... and the other thing is that, when they've done their thing, be it chemo, be it surgery, be it whatever, they're DONE.. and it's up to the patient's family to deal with the fall-out.

Wheeieeieeieeieeiee.... guess I'm goin' for another ride on the good ole roller coaster....Uhm, where do I go to get a permission slip to sit this turn out???????


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