Friday, November 07, 2008

The Other Childhood Epidemic...

I fully admit it.. I tend to (over?) focus on "autism" and the slew of medical disorders and dysfunctions you see in so many of our kids..

But another disorder/dysfunction that's near and dear to my heart is diabetes. To say that the pancreas is a weak spot in my family is an understatement; and yes, both my boys have pancreatic issues as part of their 'complex'. In addition, several dear friends have had Type I diabetes since their childhood...

This story just broke my heart...

Please, please, please.. if your child gets sick and something just doesn't seem or feel right, take them to the ER, and DO NOT LET THEM SEND YOU HOME WITHOUT A FULL WORK-UP.... Raise Holy Hell if you must, but get a CBC + electrolytes + blood glucose + blood protein levels done... (and worry about the pissing contest with your insurance company later..)


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