Monday, November 03, 2008


Anybody else's kids acting like Tasmanian Devils on a case of Red Bull this morning???

Both were up BEFORE their alarm clocks even went off (#$!@$!#@$ time change), and have been running around like mad ever since.
Getting them TO the bus stop was like herding cats.. both of them flying off in different directions.
Then, as Potatey climbed into school bus, he tripped and did a face plant in the isle (he's OK.. that one is tough). Salamander, being single mindedly focused on getting to his friends and classmates at the BACK of the bus, stomped right over Potatey as he was laying face down in the isle (as I said, Potatey's OK, he's tough - he DID direct a few 'choice words' at Salamander .. which earned me THE STARE from the bus driver....).


I DO feel for their teachers today.. Hopefully they'll get 'it' out of their systems during the bus ride.

Off to get ready for spending most of the day at a client site..


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