Friday, October 31, 2008


Go HERE for a good trick...

[I'll be posting pictures of tonite's haunting later...]

Oh, and if you haven't voted for Lend4Health yet (there are a few new kids who could use a "treat"), please, please do so today...

I just declined an invitation to a fancy schmancy dinner party for next week Saturday night. I've tried mixing with the particular crowd that will be attending this party many many many times before (most recently earlier this year.. things did NOT go well). I simply have nothing in common with these people, NOTHING (and I usually can find SOMETHING that will allow me to build a connection). I really don't get much time away from the boyos and, to be perfectly selfish, if I have to go through the trouble of finding care for the boys on a Saturday nite, I want to spend that time on something I am going to enjoy..

So why do I feel so d@mn guilty for having said 'Appreciate the invitation, but I am declining'?

To clarify, I have NOT turned into an anti-social recluse.. au contraire. An invitation I got to attend a Halloween party tomorrow afternoon with the boyos at a local Martial Arts school, with the potential for the 'adults' to run out for a quick dinner while the boyos run amok at said school, took me exactly 10 seconds to accept. I guess I have become 'selective' as to where and how and with whom I choose to spent my very sparse spare time...


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