Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Pet ...

Salamander and I were at Linens 'N' Things yesterday (yes, that one.. the one that's going out of business).

We had a blast just looking around (and you have to remember that, until fairly recently, Salamander and just browsing in a store did not combine).

We picked up some really nice stuff at very good discounts, including a new pet for the boys.
They are playing with "Reaper" right now and they are having a ball.

It makes my soul smile to hear lots of happy giggles...


At 8:59 AM, October 26, 2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Well, well, well... welcome to the wonderful world of WowWee Robotics! Charlie's collection (I'll post a pic on my site) grew by two recently (b-day).

Robots are fun!

At 12:13 PM, October 26, 2008 , Blogger Petra said...

I didn't realize the link to WowWee until I did a google search yesterday on RoboRaptor and RoboReptile (as now the boys have started lobbying for a RoboReptile as well.. LOL). And as soon as I saw the WowWee website pop up, I thought of Charlie!

I'll let the boys know that their favorite "robotics guy" (as I've told them about some of Charlie's robotic antics..) has lots of WowWee stuff..


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